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  • What is Bachata?
    Bachata is a romantic music genre and social/partner dance finding its origin in the Dominican Republic during the 1960s. Since then the dance has become very popular all around the world with new substyles being developed since the early 2000s (moderna, sensual, bachatango, ...). We teach mainly Bachata Fusion (moderna with elements from the other styles incorporated).
  • What Bachata style do you teach?
    We combine different Bachata styles in our classes. In our beginner series we start with the basics of Bachata Moderna. In later levels other styles such as Bachata Sensual, Bachata Dominicana, ... are gradually introduced.
  • What is Salsa?
    Salsa is a popular form of social dance originally from Cuba. The movements of Salsa are based on the Afro-Cuban dances like Son, Cha-cha, Mambo and Rumba. The dance, along with Salsa music, saw major development in the mid-1970s, especially in the US, leading to the distinct salsa styles we know today (Salsa Cubana, L.A., New York ...). We teach mainly Cuban Salsa.
  • What Salsa style do you teach?
    We teach mainly Cuban style Salsa.
  • What is a 'leader' or 'follower'? What does it mean?
    Couple dances, such as Salsa and Bachata, are usually not choreographies practiced in advance, but an improvisation of the moment: the leader decides which movements the couple will dance. He leads the movement, and gives directions to the follower so that the follower can complete the movement in time (according to the rhythm). These quick decisions make dancing an excellent brain sport! It also ensures that dancing with different partners, e.g. at parties, is possible and interesting. Usually in Latin dance, the guys lead and the ladies follow, but feel free to choose the role that suits you best. The only reason we ask this is to ensure that the leader/follower balance is maintained in our classes.
  • What is 'Ladies Styling'?
    Usually in both Salsa & Bachata ladies follow the movements that the guys lead. However, there is room for the ladies to improvise (solo parts) or add embellishments (styling during partnerwork). This includes moving your entire body (arms, legs, head, upper body), and can be quite challenging. We like working on good technique and self-confidence! It adds another level to the dance and makes the lady shine!
  • Can you recommend some good music/songs?
    We compiled a few spotify playlists with songs we like! Feel free to check them out here. Listening to Latin music outside of class will help you learn how to feel the rythm, find the '1', predict the breaks and accents in the music, etc.
  • What Salsa level should I choose?
    Our beginners' level is meant to teach the basics to absolute beginners. We focus on good leading and following and the basic figures of Salsa Cubana (e.g. vuelta, dile que no, enchufla, vacilala, exhibela). After this series of 10 classes you will have nice repertoire of moves to dance an entire song. If you are not quite a beginner but you've never had classes before, we recommend you take the last 5 classes of a beginners' series. ​ In level 2 (improvers) we combine the basic figures into combinations and add styling for both men and women. Level 3 (intermediate) will focus on bodymovement and styling, adding elements of rumba, afro and son. ​ During summer classes, bootcamps or parties there is oftentimes an 'open level'. This means this class is accessible for anyone who knows at least the basics of salsa, but our teachers try to make them also interesting for more experienced dancers. When in doubt, just check with the teachers and they will happily help you find the right level.
  • What Bachata level should I choose?
    Our beginner level is intended to teach absolute beginners the basics. We mainly focus on Bachata Moderna (basic steps, turns & figures and styling). After this series of 10 lessons you will have a nice repertoire of movements to dance a complete song. If you are not really a beginner anymore, but have never taken classes with us, we recommend that you take at least the last 5 classes of our beginner series. ​ Level 2 continues to work on Bachata Moderna. We expand your dancing with more composed figures, twists and styling and introduce the basics of Bachata Dominicana and Sensual (e.g. body roll, wave, dominican basic ...). You must have at least 10 lessons of experience to start at this level. ​ Level 3 & 4 is a mix of all Bachata styles (including Bachatango and Bachata Urbana), which we combine in challenging movements. In these classes, the focus is even more on styling & technique. ​ We recommend that you repeat (parts of) certain levels, so you can master the steps and techniques, before moving on to the next level. Many of our students take several classes a week, including at lower levels then their ofwn, to hone their technique and expand their repertoire. During the summer classes, boot camps or parties we often use an 'open level'. This means that this level is accessible to anyone who has at least mastered the basics of bachata, but our teachers do their best to make these lessons interesting for experienced dancers as well. If you are not sure which level suits you best, we are happy to help you with your choice.
  • I have experience with Salsa. Can I skip the Bachata beginners series (or vice versa)?
    We do not recommend you to skip the beginners series, because it is the foundation of good technique and becoming a better dancer later. (It's easier to prevent bad habbits than to correct them afterwards). If you really don't feel like starting from scratch, we recommend you at least take the last 5 classes of a beginners series.
  • How much do you charge for classes, workshops, shows, ...?
    As of July 2024 prices for our weekly classes per person are: € 160 for 2 series of 10 classes (in the same 10-week period) € 90 for a series of 10 classes € 55 for half a series (5 subsequent classes, either the first or the last 5. It is not possible to use this formula for 5 random classes) € 15 per class ​ If you are new to the school and you are uncertain of your level or you want to see whether salsa/bachata is something you might enjoy, you can take the first class as a free try-out, no strings attached. This means that if you decide you don't like the class/the level is not suitable for you, you walk away with no cost to you. If you decide you do want to join us for the series, this first class is included in the whole series price (90€/10 or 55€/5). You can pay the first class (or second class in a beginners series). Please come earlier if you need to complete a payment. We currently only accept cash or payconiq payments (no cards). ​ Prices of our bootcamps and stand-alone workshops vary, but will always be clearly announced on our events page and social media. If you are looking for private classes, workshops, shows, etc. please contact us to discuss your project! Costs will vary (depending on location, time investment ...)
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay in cash or electronically using Payconiq (the smartphone app). We currently don't accept credit/debet cards or other apps. If you would like to gift your loved ones with a dance class, we also offer Bachata con Emoción gift vouchers for any amount you choose, valid for 1 year, to use in any of our classes. Please come earlier if you need to complete a payment.
  • I missed a class (due to illness, travel, work). Can I recuperate it?
    You can recuperate a missed class during the same 10-week period in a level that is suitable for you (equal or lower to your own). Please let us know beforehand, so we can check the leader/follower balance. Be aware that this will not always be possible! So check your schedule before deciding to pay for the whole series (e.g. if you are certain you are going to miss more than 3 classes out of 10 because of a planned holiday, you are better off paying per class). Your classes can only be taken by you, and you cannot carry over any ‘leftover’ classes to the next series, nor can they be refunded.
  • Do you have Bachata con Emoción gift certificates?
    Yes we do! Our gift vouchers, for the amount you choose, are valid for one year in all bachata or salsa classes and bootcamps in our school. They come in a nice envelope, ready to go. If you're interested, get in touch.
  • Do I have to enroll beforehand?
    Yes, we'd prefer it if you enrolled beforehand for a number of reasons: 1. It gives us an idea of how popular the class/workshop/... is. We need a minimal number of participants, otherwise we have to cancel the event. (This doesn't happen very often, but sometimes it does. In this case we notify the people that did enroll, which is why you leave your email and phonenumber). 2. We keep an eye on the leader/follower balance, and we invite extra people to make sure the class will work. 3. If you enroll, we have your contact details in case anything comes up or changes. Again this doesn't happen very often, and we always try to find an acceptable solution. But sometimes things are beyond our control: the teacher falls ill and we can't replace them, a slight change in schedule, ... that way we can notify you. PD: For the same reasons we appreciate it if you notify us when you were enrolled, but you won't attend due to circumstances.
  • Do I have to enroll with a partner?
    No, you are welcome with or without a partner. The number of leaders and followers generally balances out after 2 or 3 weeks. We ask participants to change partners frequently, so you will never be without a partner for long.
  • What clothes should I wear to class?
    Wear clothes you feel comfortable in, preferably with tight fitting shoes, that allow you to spin on the floor. Avoid non-skid soles. Comfortable heels or dancing shoes can be helpful if you have them, but no need to go buy some if you don't!
  • Why should I switch partners? I want to stay with my own partner. Can I?
    Sure, it's no problem if you want to stay with your own partner. However, we encourage you to change partners, because we believe you will both learn faster and more if you change partners. Because each partner is different, you will improve your leading/following significantly by learning to adjust to these differences. While staying together, couples tend to compensate for each others' mistakes.
  • I missed a class (due to illness, travel, work). Can I recuperate it?
    You can recuperate a missed class during the same 10-week period in a level that is suitable for you (equal or lower to your own). Please let us know beforehand, so we can check the leader/follower balance. Be aware that this will not always be possible! So check your schedule before deciding to pay for the whole series (e.g. if you are certain you are going to miss more than 3 classes out of 10 because of a planned holiday, you are better off paying per class). Your classes can only be taken by you, and you cannot carry over any ‘leftover’ classes to the next series, nor can they be refunded.
  • I can't find your dancehall/I got lost in the 'De Vaart' building, can you give me some more specific directions?
    Follow these steps to get to the dance hall of Sport & Squash Club 'De Vaart' (Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, Wilsele), where all our classes take place: 1. Find Kolonel Begaultlaan 15. It’s a big building with the Basic Fit, Red Cross, Sport & Squash club 'De Vaart' … 2. You can park on the side of the road for 2 hours with a parking disc (blue zone), or enter the parking garage inside the building from the side (Marguerite Lefèvrelaan) by bike. There is a bike stand right in front of the Sport and Squash club inside the garage. 3. If you enter through the front door: cross the hall and go up 2 flights of stairs. If you enter through the parking garage you are already on the right floor (2nd floor). 4. Once inside the building, follow the arrows to the basic fit club or the Sport & Squah club. They will lead you to the entrance of the Squash club. 5. Don’t go up the wooden stairs to basic fit, but enter Sport & Squash Club. Walk all the way through the bar area and turn left at the end, passing the pool tables and golf course, you will see/hear the dancehall. Or ask the bartender. He/she will gladly point you in the right direction. ​ ... or watch this video to find your way inside the building.
  • Why do you ask for my e-mail & phone number?
    So we can contact you in case of last minute schedule changes or cancellations (e.g. due to illness). Please add to your contacts so our emails don't end up in your ‘Spam’ folder. We will not bother you with promotions or news via email or phone. If you are interested in what's going on with the school, why not subscribe to our newsletter or follow Bachata con Emocion & La Rubia y el Moreno on social media (Facebook or Instagram). We will certainly not share, sell or otherwise disclose your data to third parties.
  • What do other people think of Bachata con Emoción?
    Carl S. - you explain very well. 🤓 - you teach both leading and following. 💃🕺 - you don't limit yourselves to a single Bachata style but have elements of all of them. 🤯 - you create a great atmosphere. You guys always smile. You make classes fun! 😊 - you dance Bachata con Emoción 😻 - you often stay for a drink afterwards, socialising with your students/friends 🍺👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🍷 - you are the best in Leuven! 😎 (Mic drop) ​ Naomi J. Ik sta er keer op keer weer van versteld...In MAART 2018 begon ik als complete leek bij Bachata con Emoción te dansen. In die 8 maanden had ik nooit gedacht zoveel te kunnen leren, shout out to the best teachers Oscar en Liesje ❤️ voor het geduld, het goede voorbeeld en natuurlijk de top momenten 🤩 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 ​ Yael T. I wanted to learn more about bachata and heard good things about you. So I went to the classes. I really enjoyed the classes. Beside the good technical part are it also the atmosphere and friendly people that make the dance classes great 😊 ​ Iryna B. I used to take classes with you before I moved to Brussels and really enjoyed it! The atmosphere is super nice, music, methodology 😊 ​ Mira L. You explain well how to do the moves, even if we are not able to at first to move in a specific way. Often it is also leading - following. Plus the chemistry is good, both of you teach and make comments, classes are fun. 😊 You were my first teachers a few years ago and I have moved a lot since.... But no course was as good as yours. 😊
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If you couldn't find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us!

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