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Bachata Musicality Miniseries 2022

Do you want to take your dancing skills to the next level?

Then come and learn how to connect your moves to any bachata song in this miniseries bachata musicality! Sanne and Pieter are happy to guide you through how to truly connect with the music, what to do during the intro part, how to hit the break, etc.

Part 1 (Sunday 20/11: 14-16h): Structure of bachata songs & hitting the breaks

Part 2 (Sunday 27/11: 14-16h): Different parts of a bachata song with focus on intros

 Both bootcamps take place at the Dancehall of Sport & Squash Club 'De Vaart'
(Kolonel Begaultlaan 15, Wilsele)

We strongly recommend taking this miniseries as a whole (€45),
but you are welcome to take one part separately if you want (€25).

(Payments can be made before the first class, so please be on time)


Everyone can join us, but some bachata experience is required to enjoy this miniseries!

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